Live your life with no apologies.

Although I believe we all have 100% control over EVERYTHING that occurs in our life. I do know some people cannot conceive of such a notion. SO,…. if you think you cannot control situations, what you can control is yourself.

Give your all at everything you do, and make inwardly based decisions and you will always be satisfied. You will have NO REGRETS. No reason to look back and wish different.

Not all situations are satisfactory, but you should be satisfied with how you fit into them. You are behind the drivers wheel, you are in control.

CrossFit Mean Streets Downtown LA los angeles

Set your marks high, and do what it takes to reach them.

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-Row 500m as a warm up

-Sprint 500m and try and go for a PR. Pay attention to your pacing,… and remember your time and apply it in every workout in the future.

-Work up to a Clean and Jerk weight that is heavier than what you will do the WOD with. Perform at least 5 reps with this heavier weight.

WOD: Grace: any version.

-What I want is 30 Clean and Jerks, for time.
-Power or Squat
-Any weight from 45-185lbs
-Stay consistent with what you choose through all 30 reps

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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