As I have watched the dynamics of class after class there is one thing that I notice that is accounting for the energy of the class. And that is the energy coming from the members themselves.

One person can give the whole class power. I have seen it in action. One person giving there all can carry a whole class with them. This one person does not need to be the greatest in the class either. Just giving their all.

I notice this the most when we have visitors in the gym from other parts of the world. Or if someone is performing extraordinarily well. I would guess the explanation of this would be that people sense the “extra work” being performed where it usually isn’t, and then they step up their game to match.

Whether it is conscious or not: people try harder when the people around them do. That is why CrossFit classes work much better than private training, or training by yourself. That person that fuels the room with power is top-notch, and doing everyone a favor. Which will eventually fuel the entire class to do better as a whole, improving the force of the wave set forth by the initial individual.

You can be that person. You can be that person in the room that leads with example while forcing others to push themselves further than they would themselves. Why not look at every circumstance as an opportunity to make others better? Why not give yourself that responsibility?

Be accountable for your actions,…. because others are noticing.

Strength and Skill

Snatch Skills:

Go Heavy or work on aspects of the Snatch

WOD: 1-4-2011

For time:

1000m Row
75 Snatches (75/45)
1000m Row

-Squat snatches
-use heavier weight (95/65)

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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