Athletes have breakdowns. Call them upsets, losses, or failures. A basketball player misses shots, football players get tackled, baseball players strike out, fighters get punched, hockey players get slashed in the face, and soccer players get poked in the shower by their teammates…… But in all cases the athlete overcomes the downfall and continues on in the best way possible. They adapt and overcome,… and in most cases learning from every mistake they have ever made.

They learn how to come back from them, and they learn how to not make them again.

When you are tackling a WOD or life and something does not go as planned, do not feel sorry for yourself. Gather your composure and keep trudging though. Getting through WODs easily means you are not going hard enough. And if you are going hard enough you are going to need to take those breathers,… but only take them because you need them,… do not take them to feel sorry for youself. So if you have to put the bar down for a second,… do it, and don’t let yourself think anything of it. Just figure out when the soonest you can pick it up, pick it up, and keep going.

WOD: 1-3-11

Again Faster, Beat the Team to Win #13:

AMRAP 6 minutes

9 Squats (155/105)
7 burpees
5 Push Press/Push Jerk/Press (155/105)

Aris: 3 rounds
Josh: 4 + 8 (scaled: 115lbs presses)
Jason: 3 Rounds
Ronnie: 4 + 19

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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