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Sheep walk out the door looking for steak and eggs and come home with bread and rice.

You Want Steak and Eggs or Bread and Rice??

Suckers. Unfortunately they are everywhere. Due to child proofing, civilization in general, and coddling, people are getting more and more manipulatable. As societies around the world get more complex, the less we as humans need to know.

And this is good news for the slave drivers. The heads of companies, corporations, and countries, they want this. Everyone is put in the 9-5 mentality from child age. Children go to school for 8 hours a day, listen to what the teacher says, get carted around from class to class like sheep, and if they disobey they get sent to the principle to get talked down to.

office job sheeple

School, University, 9-5 forever, retire with 50% wages,..... sign us up!

I believe(of course not in my lifetime, this is just a guess) this pattern was interrupted at one point when they ventured to university. University was once to teach those independence and survival on their own. The students of universities were able to choose whether to come to class or not, and were accountable for their actions. The select few to make it through were built tough and could survive on their own.

But not the case anymore. Universities are now a good money(as if money is real) making opportunity on multiple levels, and are there to teach people to continue to be sheep. There is no care for the graduates,… just uses. Sheep that would eventually graduate and go on to get jobs they hate for the rest of their life, making money for someone else, working the 9-5.


This is the fate for the majority of people. This is what I see when I look out the walls of the gym. People who are obviously unhappy with their life, unhappy with their fat bodies, and their best friend is somebody named Comcast.

The suckers will feed organizations, and those organizations will thrive off of them.

Has The Health Industry Played You?!!?

In the health industry, this is the manifestation of what I am talking about:

People now are so stupid to believe this. They will actually believe that this person got lap band surgery. When in actuality they should think. Is she just the hollywood girl who was willing to give herself to the producer of this ad for the night,… so she got the gig? Is she starving herself so she can go to clubs and meet people who can get her work. Does she do coke because its better than exercising for keeping off fat?… and hopefully for all producers,… she is a whore. She probably never had lap band at all, just a model, photoshopped to make her look ideal…But in actuality she is making the lap band people millions, because the stupid people are inspired by this picture.

In LA these billboards are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Why?… Because people are actually getting this surgery, the advertising is working, and working great.
lap band billboard
One day one of these overweight/weak sheep wake up, and think to themselves, “I want a better body”. This is probably induced by watching the TV. But whatever. So they walk out the door in the morning and think “I am going to find a way to do this”. They are going searching for steak and eggs.

So lets go over the scenarios that happen when they go searching for steak and eggs:

Scenario #1
Then they drive down the street,… see the billboard and think to themselves. “Oh my, I have seen these billboards everywhere”,… that must mean it works!,… so they research it, figure out that it is a free meal, with no work,… and do it. Hoping it will solve all of their problems…..

Scenario #2
They actually make it to the gym, and get greeted by the salesman who tells them about all the glory they can have for the rest of their life being a member at there top of the line facility. They have all the classes, all the brand new equipment that makes exercising easier! And all of this for a life time membership for 800 bucks. OR 50 bucks for month to month. And if this person resists,… they can go talk to the manager to get the “initiation fee” waived,… this will certainly sell the deal to the sucker.

Scenario #3
They already unsuccessfully are doing one of the above two scenarios. They are not getting the results they once hoped for. The bench pressing and bicep curls only took them so far. They read muscle and fitness and are bombarded with yet more models selling supplements. They decided this will take them to the next level. So they get hooked on one or more of the following:
-protein shakes
-fat burners
-Some form of Nitric Oxide that has the word Explosion, Pump, Ripped in the title of the supplement
-Testosterone enhancers
-Stuff to make you not fatigue

All this stuff is packaged in sweet looking labels, and are relatively cheap (because it cost about 1 dollar to make a tub of powdered cardboard and chemicals they think is going to make them “better”). But once they start taking one they end up taking more and more,….

Scenario #4

They’ve seen CrossFit Mean Streets (the steak and eggs) one day on their lunch break and wondered what it was. So they decide to stroll on by and see how much they charge for their gym. They walk in and the first question they ask is “how much does this cost”.

They are told that we do not give out the prices because they do not know what they are getting pricing for yet. They are told that they are required to come learn what CrossFit Mean Streets will do for them, before they get answers to their questions. They are given the website, that has a lot of info, but to learn anymore we need an hour commitment from them. The process is free, we schedule them at different times every week to make it convenient for them to come, and they will experience a short 7 minute workout. And once they attend the “intro class”, once they understand what they are paying for, we will tell them how much of the stuff they call “money” it takes to make them great. That this is not a gym to workout at just because it is by their work. But this is a place that will drastically alter their life.

The Corporate Machine Is Toying With The Sheeple’s Emotions….Shed Your Wool!

The sheep will weigh the above scenarios, not really knowing the difference between them and choose either the cheapest route,… or the one that is most easiest. They will believe the salesman because the salesman is their to feed them. But they aren’t handing out steak and eggs. These salesmen don’t love people, they love money. So they take bread and rice and package it as steak and eggs….. and the suckers eat it up. Suckers walk out the door looking for steak and eggs and come home with bread and rice. And they will almost certainly never break this trend,… it will go on for the rest of their life.

Some people will go through multiple scenarios and realize that one of these scenarios is dramatically different from the others. They will understand that change is not going to come quickly. That they are going to be accountable for their actions. They can imagine making going to the right gym a hobby. They realize that at CrossFit Mean Streets everyone wants to be better then themselves yesterday. That everyone is required to grow. That these are the type of people they want to surround themselves with. And it is going to take balls to go to that intro. But it is a necessity to get those steak and eggs. They don’t think about what the fastest way from point A to Point B is,… they realize that the journey to B is going to be long, and the journey is what they focus on.

They understand that this place is not giving out free handouts,.. and they are going to school when they come here. That Crossfit Mean Streets doesn’t ask people to join, and that the only way to get their respect is to show them that you want to be there. There is no sign on front to not attract the sheep who are attracted to things like signs.

They come to the intro, sign up,… and 6 months later end up really realizing what they are a part of. That they themselves have pushed themselves through wall after wall every single day,… and that has built them confidence, independence, will power,… and the inability to operate as a sheep forever. These are the people that will grow to change others lives,… they will make their universe a better place.

So when weighing your options,…. make sure you are not doing so with your wool on.

CrossFit Mean Streets: Making your universe a better place.
265 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 290-2367

WOD 2-1-11:

2 mile run buy in.(6 laps)

Then AMRAP 30 (clock starts before 2 mile run)

-4 Muscle ups (scale with handstand pushups, or 8 pushups if you cannot do)
-8 Kettlebell swings (70/44)
-12 Box Jumps (24/20)

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

UTC Competition,… CrossFit Mean Streets Beat Down

crossfit Mean Streets

Our Competition team had a Sick showing at the UTC CrossFit Challenge

We had a big competition crew and lots of support. Thanks to every one who came. And congrats to those who competed for the first time.

We had three podium spots:

crossfit mean streets la downtown ronnie teasdale mark mcsharry sara questall

Sarah Questall-3rd Place, Womens Intermediate. Ronnie Teasdale- 1st Place Men's Advanced. Mark McSharry-2nd Place Men's Advanced. At the UTC CrossFit Challenge 2011

Pictures from event: here

The next Competition I want everyone getting ready for is the Spartan Race. It is February 26th in Temecula. It will be an 8 mile race with tough obstacles. I did the 5k in December and it was awesome. I would be running this one but I will be in El Paso, Texas at a CrossFit Competition that weekend.

This will be a great event and I want as many of the people from our gym going out to train. This is a training opportunity that is hard to come by, and it will make you a better human.

Plus, Downtown LA Endurance is doing training that will get you ready for this event. Keep updated on the site for locations and times of Endurance training. They are free training sessions to members, friends, and anyone who wants to show up.

Mon WOD:


Sumo Stance Deadlift:

Work Capacity


-Knees to Elbows
-Ring Dips
-Double Unders


Exactly 2 minutes following the finish of the Work Capacity workout, complete a 500m row.

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA


We will be taking off from gym right as the Massacre ends on Sunday to trek up to Mt Baldi for a WOD.

The amount of people will determine the amount of equipment I will bring. I am going to be doing a WOD or two up there,… and we will also have endurance WODs.

Be at the gym at 1130 if you want to go. You will be able to do the Mass and go train up at Baldi (even if you just run).

Sunday Mass:

Warm Up:

3 rounds
Row 350
35 double unders
15 pass throughs


Work to 1 Rep Max Snatch Balance


Wayne Willette’s “2011”

3 rounds

11 handstand pushups
11 air squats
11 shoulder to overhead (95/65)
Run 200m with plate (45/25)
11 Snatch balance (95/65)
11 Toes to Bar
11 Burpee box jumps (24/20)
Run 200m with plate (45/25)

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

CrossFit Mean Streets of Downtown Los Angeles at UTC Competition

Visit for more Videos

For those competitors who wish to meet at the gym and roll down together,… be at the gym no later than 6:30.

For those of you who are new and want to see what these competitions are all about go here, and get the address. Get there early and stay all day. There will be at least 20 of us from the gym there.

WOD 1-29-11:



5 pushups
10 pullups
15 squats

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

Gymnastics deal

Short gymnastics seminar for anyone interested. It will be held at my friends’ gym Paridiso CrossFit:

$70 ONLY AT Paridiso CrossFit!




Gymnastics has always been very important in the CrossFit Hierarchy, but is tragically under utilized in most boxes. As co-owner of DogTown CrossFit, as an NCAA D-1 record holder, and a CrossFit competitor (29th at 2010 SoCal Sectionals & 43rd at 2009 SW Regionals) Dusty knows how to implement gymnastics into CrossFit and how to get the most out of it.



4113 REDWOOD AVE, MARINA DEL REY, CA 90066, (310) 823-1383

WOD 1-28-11

5 sets:

3 Heavy Back Squats (weight chosen by individual)
Followed immediately by max reps pullups

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA


For those of you who want to increase how painful a workout is. Get an elevation mask. You can choose between breathing out of one,two, or three holes the size of a BB. It sucks and you feel like you are going to die. The UPS guy delivered mine right as I was finishing my warm up,… So I decided to try it on,…. it takes all the will power in the world to not take this thing off as I was searching for oxygen…..

Ronnie Teasdale gets his ass kicked -first time elevation Mask from ronnie teasdale on Vimeo.

The good thing was, that I experienced a pleasure I have never experienced before…. taking off the mask and being able to breath. It was awesome.

Those of you competing on Sat, start tapering down. The WODs are posted on UTC CrossFit Challenge. If you have any weaknesses do some skill work to tune it up.

WOD 1-27-11

3 Rounds

1000m Row
30 95/65lbs squat cleans
30 burpees

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

“I got this problem with this “my dicks bigger than yours” contest where nobody’s dick is out and there is no rulers”

Watch this : Glassman-Finding the Fittest

Info on 2011 CrossFit Games: here

Some more videos for your pleasure:

WOD 1-26-11:



Rest as needed in between sets.


Bench Press


Work Capacity


225/135 Deadlifts
Ring Dips

crossfit la, crossfit mean streets crossfit downtown los angeles

Peter bench pressing 345lbs multiple times for fun, after completing 2 WODs. For those of you who need to understand how much 345 is, it is about as much as 8 small children.

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA



Split Jerk from Behind the Head


In between sets do

-15 handstand Pushups
-15 Wallballs
-15 Med Ball Slam
-15 Back Extensions

WOD 1-25-11

4 min of Frun:

Start with 1 Thruster (95/65)
and two pullups
then 3 thrusters
and 4 pullups

Go on untill 4 minutes are complete.

Post Game:

4 sets of Lsit, max attempts

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

Weekend was awesome

Final Men's heat of Sweat for Progress 2011

-Hosted a CrossFit Competition for a LAPD. It was a fundraiser called Sweat for Progress. Was great to see the men and women of the law bust’n their asses.

-Had a great Sunday Mass. I love when people show up to get their asses kicked,… and then take it like champs.

-Had a Downtown LA Endurance Team meeting at LA historical Park. Our next meeting will be with Ronnie at Mt. Baldi next Sunday. We will be taking off from the gym around 12:30. Sarah and I went there today. Elevation is awesome.

Check this out: Finding the Fittest

Monday WOD:

35 Pistols per leg (hold barbell overhead)
30 Kettlebell snatches per arm (70/44)
25 Burpee Box Jumps (24″/20″)
20 Handstand pushups
15 Windshield Wipers per side video
10 Rope Climbs
5 Wall Walks

Visit for more Videos

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA