I have a barbell and some 25’s in my truck and I am going to the beach tomorrow to do Fran at 11 o’clock. If you feel like joining meet us just south of the Santa Monica pier by the rings. We will be doing Fran in front of the bathrooms where the ground is blue.

I didn’t bring lighter weight, so if you want to do Fran it will be with men’s prescribed weight, sorry girls (unless you have ten lbs plates you can bring).

I have to do Fran to get an official time, and will do that first but I will be there screwing around with some other things after that: rings, stretching, acrobatics and such. Maybe we will take some acrobatic lessons from this guy:

If you want to do Fran,… show up at 11…. if you need to call/text me: 213-245-1612

Basking in a Workout’s Long, Mysterious Afterglow

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    • December 26, 2010

    Hey where’s a picture of Don?

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