Sprint repeats X 6

-rest exactly 3 minutes in between efforts
-must pick one type and stick with it all 6 sprints.

Run/Row/Ski/or Run with weight:

-run 2 laps, keep times within 10 sec

Row and Ski:
-row or ski 1000m, keep times within 5 sec

Run with weight (45/25)
Hold plate and run one lap, keep times within 10 sec

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles


    • December 15, 2010

    what?? did you jjust make this up out of nowhere?

    • December 16, 2010

    It didn’t come from nowhere. It came from me, and my knowledge, experience, and intuition of what my clients need.

    Who are you?

    • December 16, 2010

    Doing sprint repeats within a specific amount of time for each effort is not uncommon training. We used to swim 8x 100m sprints each within 5 seconds of the first with fixed rest between. It’s ridiculously taxing.

    I may miss class, but I’ll be running the mean streets of Boyle Heights tonight with a 45 (plate and gun).

    • December 16, 2010

    i dont like this wod. i try to do them at home/golds as i cannot afford your gym. not challenging your knowledge, intuition, etc, just dont particularly like sprinting with a bumper plate! (or sprinting in general)

    and don, i was not upset about fat people are disgusting. go reread. fat people ARE disgusting.

    • December 16, 2010


    I was just simply asking who you were because I have seen your comments before.

    It seems you are hand picking workouts from afar. You are not able to decide what is best for you, because human nature will make you avoid what you don’t like doing. The things that you hate doing are probably the things you need the most. Sprinting is a very important aspect of fitness and I suggest you do it, at the very least every once in awhile.

    For this workout you pick rowing, running or running with a plate,… you do whatever you pick 6 times, with rest,…. as hard as you can. And thats it. If you do not like to run with plate, or don’t have the means,… you can still row or even run on treadmill. It is a very simple workout, easy to understand. Try it.

    Also for you records, our block is 530m. So if you are following our workout, and it calls for a lap, you can use either a third of a mile or a quarter.

    Good luck with your training,…. and remember to train at what you suck at,… because you don’t want to suck at anything.

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