Warm Up:

We will start snatching at 10:20. Everyone must spend 20 min minimum with Mobility on there own as a buy in.

Strength: 2 Rep Snatch

-Find your 2RM Snatch. Can be Power, or Full. Both reps must take place within 20 seconds.

-Work up slowly


2 Rounds:

-With 90% 2RM complete 10 Snatches
-1 horizontal Revolution around Pullup Structure holding onto bar above 90 degree break in elbow the whole time.
-10 MAX EFFORT Broad Jumps, make sure hips reach full extension
-Run one lap (or if you are a competitor do 2 60m shuttle runs)

Crazy WOD: Curtis P 150 with Partner

55% Body weight:

-Left lunge
-Right lunge
-Push press

the above complex is performed with out putting the bar down, the lunges are done with the bar in the racked position

the workout is done for 150 repetitions or AMRAP 40 mins, with a partner, you go then they go

Post WOD: Sprints

Max Effort Row, Run, Ski:


-Rest as needed

Competitor notes

If you have access to a gym, and/or playground. I would suggest coming in for the Strength and maybe the Strength WOD, then at least 3 hours later do another workout having to do with next weeks competition. Sunday and Monday should be your last hard days of training. Taper down on Tuesday, and MAYBE a light skill WOD on Wednesday. Stretching and mobility should be king this next week.

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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