A bunch of us are going to the Kings game this Saturday for this charity Event. All CrossFitters and cool people are invited!

Let Ronnie or Victor know asap if you are interested in going!

Warm UP:

4 sets incrementally getting heavier each set

-Hang Snatch
-Snatch from floor
-Over head Squat
-Box step up (and down) with bar above head
-Snatch grip press

WOD 11-9-10:

Athletes :

4 Rounds
10 X Jerk (135/95lbs)
20 X Air Squat
Run 530m

Advanced males use 185lbs
Advanced females use 125lbs
Intermediate males use 135lbs

Post WOD for Competitors:

50 180 degree burpee jumps over sandbag with weight vest
-try for under 4 minutes
-Do not let this Post WOD effect your intensity of workout,… give it your all for the WOD

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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