CrossFit Mean Streets Downtown Los angeles

It is after you are beat down to nothing, that you will find the strength to conquer a mountain.

“Bottom line is if you dispense sympathy as if the individual is NOT in control of their body, you eliminate any possibility that they might help themselves now or in the future.”

If ANYBODY has a weight belt please donate it to the gym for a month. We have athletes that need them.

Sunday Massacre:

Warm Up:

1 jog around block
2 min pulls on the Ski Erg
2 x through slowly through 60m shuttle

Burgener Warm Up

Strength 1:

Work to 2RM Snatch

Concoction 1:

In 6 min find:

Vertical Jump for height

60m Shuttle Run

AMRAP Pullups (1 attempt. Cannot drop off bar.)

-As many attempts as need for Vertical Height
-At least two attempts at Shuttle Run
-1 Attempt at Pullups
-Any order you want

Strength 2

Work Up to 1RM Deadlift

-Stay in Perfect form
-Only increase weight if you still feel “Strong”
-Do not push your limits today on Deadlift

Concoction 2:

After Deadlift final:

1 minute transition to:

3 rounds for time/reps of:

3 Clean and jerks (adv: 185, 125)(int/mast: 135, 95)
*6 Broad Jumps (men: 7ft; women; 5ft)
Time Cutoff: 4 minutes

1 min transition to:

Reps of burpees with lateral jump and 180 degree rotation in 4 minutes

1 min transition to:

Ski Erg meters in 4 minutes

1 min transition to:

Reps of doubleunders in 4 minutes

1 min transition to:

For time:
530m Run
30 Hanging Knees to Elbows

-Only people competing in Competition will be doing the SkiErg portion, all others will just skip.

crossfit mean streets heart

We Gots HEART!

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles….. where you can’t tell who is dressed up or not

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