Mon-Fri at 4:30

We will begin the 4:30pm classes on Tues Oct 19th.

The intro sessions for this week are Wed at 9pm and Friday at 7pm. Intro classes are usually a necessity as the first step for anyone who wants to train at CrossFit Mean Streets.

Because some of you have expressed the desire to join if there was a 4:30 class we are allowing those who cannot make the intro sessions but would like to come to the 4:30 class as their first class to bypass the intro class this week only.

If you wish to come to class without joining an intro, you must pay up front for the rest of this month and next month(standard payment option for joining this late in the month). It is not necessary to join this way. The other option of course would be to come to an intro and then make the decision to join or not after completing the intro.

Reminder: There is not free parking on the street at 4:30.

We will cancel this class if nobody joins. So all of those who asked for it: step up.

-Current clients, this class is not special, you may come to it just like you come to any other class.



4 rounds for time of:

10 push jerks, see chart
20 squats
530 meter run

Max Clean and Jerk Weight used:
>250 lbs (>145 lbs) 135 lbs (85 lbs)
200 lbs – 249 lbs (115 lbs – 144 lbs) 115 lbs (75 lbs)
<199 lbs (<114 lbs) 95 lbs (65 lbs) CrossFit Mean Streets Downtown Los Angeles ..... the Ritz has a pretty good view DTLA

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