Next Level Invitational 3 Facebook page: here

The competition is in 6 weeks. Everyone start dialing in there diet and training. Every day is important. If you have any questions about competition ask Ronnie.

Our gym had a strong showing last time. We plan on going down there and kicking ass again this time.

Reminder there is an intro class tonight at 7pm.

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Partner Warm UP:

One person working while other person rests:

300m row
300m row
300m row
300m row
150m row
150m row

1st set is 75%, all other sets are done at absolute sprints. Transition between partners must be quick.

WOD 10-14-10:

Every 30 sec for 10 minutes

Stiff Leg Muscle Clean from ground
Stiff Leg Muscle Clean from hang
Push Press

Post WOD:

Accumulate 3min/2min in the L-sit position on the parallettes.

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA….. where the 5 sec rule probably wouldn’t be a good idea to apply.

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