CrossFit Mean Streets Downtown LA

On 10-10-10 The CrossFit Mean Streets Crew owned the street

Written by Ronnie Teasdale

People tell me stories all the time of people’s failures. To me, people only fail if they let themselves.

In order for success to be authentic, it needs to come with hard work, time, and unsuccessful attempts. The unsuccessful attempts that are tried in life are where we get golden information. We can learn how to not do things, and/or we can feel the difference between right and wrong. Sure being unsuccessful can result in personal injury, emotional harm, financial distress, or social downfalls,… but all those will add to the anxiety that you will associate with doing things the wrong way.

Learning and evolving gives us a better understanding of ourselves and the world. Next time you are unsuccessful in a lift, movement, or in any facet of your life: look at the situation. Find the gold that is there. Figure out what there is to learn from it. And next time implement what you have learned.

And when you have it: when you have achieved your goal, it will be yours. Nobody can take it away from you. That’s true power.

WOD 10-11-10: Rope Attempts

Not for Time:

Row 5000 meters

-During that time get off the rower ten times. Each time make an attempt at climbing the rope with no feet (or an attempt at using your feet if you have’t gotten that yet) as high as you can each time.

Strength: Heavy Bears

Three heavy Bear Complexes

The Bear Complex:

Do the following 7 times without dropping the bar = 1 Bear Complex.

1. Power Clean

2. Front Squat

3. Push-Press

4. Back Squat

5. Push-Press

The Bear Complex

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA….. Where the bum who tried to break into the Mean Street’s truck last night is so weak he can’t even muster enough strength to throw a brick hard enough to break a window. No wonder you are a bum!

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