We doing everything after the Warm Up in the middle of Main Street in front of the gym. It is closed for CicLAvia,… so we will infiltrate.


10 rounds of Nina’s “Arch on the Rings”
2-15 seconds each

Precisely 3 minutes of some sort of Pigeon Pose on each leg.

Warm Up:

4-5 rounds
15 pullups (or max unbroken)
15 wall balls
15 pushups (or max unbroken)


Work to 1 RM Snatch

Strength WOD:

5 rounds not timed:
2 x The Exercise @ 80% 1RM Snatch
10 x Burpee-lateral jump over barbell
Hip Mobility Drill

“The Exercise” is a hang squat snatch followed by an overhead squat.

Crazy WOD:

10 Rounds:

-5 cleans (115lbs/85)
-6 walking lunge thrusters (115lbs/85)

Cool Down

10 inverted hangs lowered as slowly as possible

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA……. where the purple shirts do a hell of a job cleaning up the night life’s garbage

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