Written by Ronnie Teasdale

Seems pretty obvious right? Think about it.

The brains in animals evolved to manage movement and bodily functions and then eventually higher functioning thinking.

Our brain is a chemical concoction of hormones integrated with a neural network incomprehensible to think about. The brain is very complex and performs massive amounts of work every second of your life. Our brain is an evolutionary work of millions of years of evolution. We evolved from animals in the sea to animals on earth to different animals to different animals and eventually into homo sapiens. All along the way the brain and body was evolving to fit the habit and lifestyle of the being -the best to ensure mating and survival.

Our brains and bodies evolved with movement. So just like not moving will affect your body,… Most of you know this. If a person does not move, turns into the traditional 40-50 hour a week worker, the 4 hours of TV a day,… their body goes to shit. They will have just enough muscle to trek to and from the refrigerator and that’s it! They will die of a heart attack or some form of cancer, and their family members will blame it on the disease, not the fact that the person lived a life full of unhealthy choices.

…..ok back to the brain…. so just like the body needs movement to survive and function like it was designed to,.. so does your brain! A healthy brain needs movement to survive. All of those millions of processes your brain does on a daily basis needs movement! Movement will enhance the reactions, connections, stimulus, and neural message. Our brain will get brittle and old without movement.

So yes exercise makes you feel better and improves circulation and so on and so on, so people feel smarter as a result…. But people really are smarter because their neurons are more attached together as a result of the stimuli of exercise!

So exercise will literally improve your memory, creativity, functionality, and capabilities of your mind. You will become unstoppable physically and unstoppable mentally…. And that my friends is how we survived millions of years of species trying to edge each other out of the race of life.

You keep moving you thrive. You stop moving you die.

WOD 10-6-10


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of

5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA…. where waiving the orange flag does the same trick as the carrot on the stick.

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