-Written by Ronnie Teasdale

I will get to why this is a good thing at the end. But I must beat you down first,… so read through to turn that frown upside down.

Sickness and injury is something that we all have deep desires to avoid. This is natural and is a function of survival. Sickness and pain is an indication that something is not right. Back in the old days, by old days I mean +10,000 years ago, if we ate a monarch butterfly and it gave us a stomach ache we wouldn’t eat it any more,… and we would tell our tribe and children not to eat the orange looking slow flying thing. Pretty simple set of rules to live by,… ouch= don’t do.

I believe that all higher order animals have a sense of pain. For millions of years pain has guided us through life keeping us safe from making the same mistakes over and over again. Pain has allowed us to realize that falling out of the tree hurt a little, so….. falling off a cliff would probably hurt a lot. Our reaction to pain is deeply ingrained into our conscious and subconscious mind. We as animals do not like it for the most part (pain causes hormonal releases that some people get addicted to, causing them to like pain, also pain is extremely REAL, so that is another reason why some people will actually seek it, this is an interesting tangent to go off and discuss, but it doesn’t belong in this blog).

So lets list some of the things that cause us pain nowadays

-shin splints
-stomach aches
-head aches
-heart aches
-common cold
-death of loved ones

Before I address the list lets talk about something else. As a species we have transformed into different types of groups. We have different races, different “religions”, different sizes, different classes, etc…. So one can look at humans as a bit different from the animal kingdom that we have conquered because it is not human kind vs. the other animals in the fight for survival anymore. More realistically we are fighting for dominance within our own species.

I would argue that the two main separating groups is “humans with power” and “humans without power”. And there are very few humans with power, and a whole lot of humans without it. I could write a book on what power is,… but basically: if you are looking at this current sentence for me to explain what power is,… you probably do not have it.

Many people in power are in charge of making the decisions in this world. They are the presidents of countries, the school principles, the head of the media groups, the person in charge of who gets passports or not, the masterminds who start wars, the richest corporations in the world (pharmaceutical, and oil),… and the people telling all of those people what to do.

These are the people that have somehow transformed humans, one of the most advanced species this planet has ever seen, into a world wide network of slaves. Transforming perfectly happy beings who had to work an average of 5-7 hours a week for food, shelter and sex, into this army of 40-80 working hours a week, angry, hurting, machine of people.

And the truth is that the people in power have the answer for you how to deal with pain. And that answer is to give them more power.

So lets go back to the list,… this would be the power machines answer to deal with these problems:

-shin splints: High tech shoes, pain medication
-stomach aches: medication
-head aches: medication
-acne: medication
-heart aches: alcohol, comfort food, entertainment such as movies, and video games
-boredom: anti depressants, entertainment, alcohol
-common cold: medication
-cancer: medication, “SEARCH FOR A CURE” bullshit
-death of loved ones: entertainment, medication,
-knees: high tech shoes, limited movement, no exercise
-depression: medication, and medication to offset that medication, and more to offset that medication

These are all very real causes of pain. And some smarter people than you have figured out ways to relieve you of this pain. And the cool thing about their answer is that it will do it instantly! But the problem is that none of it will solve the source of your pain, and much of their answers will do more to make you in more pain later. Which is good for them, because they will have another solution for you to buy from them.

And the whole world works like this. Everybody has been conditioned to not “fix” but to mask.

So their answer to the Monarch Butterfly would not be to explain that monarchs have evolved to be poisoness as their way of having animals not eat them, and that you shouldn’t eat them because the poison is not good for you. And if you continue to eat them your body will continue to make you sick, causing many other problems that is probably most likely going to lead to you not having a happy life, not finding a mate, and probably end up killing you.

Instead they would say: “Excuse me young lad. I noticed you were puking after enjoying that tremendous butterfly. I can fix that puking so you can continue to eat such a wonderful treat. You just have to buy this one pill from me and take it everyday for the rest of your life, side effects may occur of course. And you should listen to me because I am trained at dealing with these types of things, but what you don’t know is that I was trained by the same people that make the pills, but don’t worry about that. Take this pill and you can live your life exactly as you were doing, even though its horrible for you. And when the poison from the monarch eventually gives you hives, diarrhea, depression, and erectile dysfunction,… I will have pills for you then also!”. -All the while smiling because not only are they getting your lively hood, his buddies who have the monarch farm will profit, and all of the other crutches you will eventually need will be increased profit for everyone in the right place.

The good thing for those who are making you into their slaves is that they will profit as long as you are sick and in pain, which is basically the norm. A “cure” is a very bad word to them. And if they all work together to keep humans in pain and sick they will be in pain and sick their entire lives and they will get more and more power (power is another natural desire).

So this world operates on people’s pain, and their desire to stop it. It is the reason we all work ourselves to death.
And it will continue to happen this way in your life as long as you have your blinders on. Refusing to take off the leash around your neck. And continuing to follow your self believed powerful one (government, boss, spouse) with your hands open saying “give me”. Give me medication, give me a job, give me a purpose, give me diet advice, give me fear, give me pain.

EVERYTHING in your life that hurts, doesn’t feel right, makes you sick, should not be answered by someone else. YOU should be the one solving your own problems so that they do not become problems any more. Lets take a quick look at that list again,… and very easy ways to solve all of these problems so that they do not exist:

-shin splints: learn how to run or walk how humans are designed to, quit wearing your current shoes
-stomach aches: quit eating the food that makes your stomach hurt
-head aches: also mostly diet related, look at causes of stress and eliminate, or poisons in your home or work
-acne: diet change, stress change, identify chemicals that could cause this
-heart aches: quit dating guys/girls that you met drunk/high at the bar and banged the first night, because they probably are not the right choice for you.
-boredom: go out and do something, learn how to be social
-common cold: strengthen your immune system with diet, quit doing things that destroy your immunity
-cancer: don’t get it to begin with, diet to control inflammation(increased growth of cells, which is what cancer is), diet to control alkalinity. All cancer is caused for a reason.
-death of loved ones: deal with it, its life, and it ends, its natural
-knees: figure out why your body is moving wrong, and then exercise correctly to strengthen joints
-depression: this is not a chemical imbalance, this is you realizing your life sucks,… so make it not suck

These are all ways to deal with the problem that will not contribute to anyone but yourself and maybe those you care about. This is obviously not good news for those who make money and power from you.

When someone tells me they are sick I directly correlate that with them not having control of themselves. There is an automatic bit of “oh this person is weak” that goes through my mind. Take control people: it is possible.

And this is where the good news comes. If you have pain, and sickness there is a reason for it. A reason that you can pinpoint and eliminate. For example, headaches are not caused by an abnormally low level of “ibuprofen”,… it is caused by something else. So now instead of spending money on ibuprofen, which is altogether not healthy for you,… you just have to figure out why you are getting headaches, and eliminate that. And guess what,… no more headaches for the rest of your life.

If you live your life like this, not only are you allowing the millions of years of evolution to do its job,… you are also giving yourself power. And power is great. So don’t let the world control you, and live happily.

Now since you have given power to me,… here is the pain I will induce on you:

WOD 9-28-10



-Double Unders (sub three singles if you cannot do)
-Sit ups

Run 1 mile



Thrusters 95/65lbs

Total time of all three tasks is your score.

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA…… where the freaks are during the day

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