Few things going on this weekend:

Discover Downtowns Secret Stairs

The CrossFit Journal Sports Series: Standup Paddling

CrossFit Gymnastics Certification Seminar

Today’s theme is “Maning UP”.

We are first working up to 1RM Snatch. And then we are doing Amanda. Guys you can see that the women’s weight is 95lbs. If you have a pair of testicles and a broad set of shoulders you better try your hardest to do this workout with more than the girls use!

So we do the Strength WOD first to see where you are at. I would rather you use heavier weight on Amanda then use lighter weight to try and finish in the allotted amount of time. If your 1RM is more than 135lbs, than you are doing the WOD with the prescribed weight.

Today is the day to go heavy. It is the only way to get stronger.

If you need to scale the muscle ups, you will do the same amount of pullups (9, 7, or 5) and the same amount of pushups,…. then get back on your bar.


10 Minutes mobility
-Led by instructor

35 Minutes work up to your 1RM Snatch (full Squat)

-Including Burgener Warm up


-15 minute Cut off


-Muscle up
-135lbs/95lbs Squat Snatch

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles….At night the city looks beautiful, as long as you are not in it, stuck in an alley.

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