-If you are here before 10:00am, you will be working on mobility

Pre WOD:

Work up to one rep max Barbell Turkish Get ups

-Attempt must be completed with a stand up using each arm
-Row 150-350m between each attempt
-If you zonk out before the big boys fail, do 7-10 total attempts


Work up to a 3 rep Max of Blind folded Deadlifts
-If you are embarrassed to take off your shirt to use it as a blindfold, then bring a something else,… like a scarf

Strength WOD:

-Not for time
-No blindfold
5 rounds
2 deadlift reps at your 3RM Blindfolded Deadlift
5 Box jumps at 36″ or higher
7 Handstand Pushups

-Try to add 10lbs to Deadlift each round each round.

Crazy WOD:

For Time

Walking Overhead Barbell carry 530m
15 reps of Bear Complex

-Weight used will be 120% of 1RM Turkish Get up
-Everytime barbell drops on walk do 25 air squats
-Bear Complex is to be done outside, do not let barbells hit cars or people (well,…unless it’s a hipster)
-Bear Complex is:

-Power Clean
-Front squat
-Push Press
-Back Squat
-Push press

-If the bar hits the ground before the second Push Press is completed, Rep does not count.


Max Effort Sprint

500m Ski

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA…. Yes, we are east of Lincoln

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