Written in the first person by Ronnie Teasdale.

Here is a random unfinished text file I just found on my laptop. I remember starting this and never finish it. I was going to finish but I like it better unfinished:

“Foods” that are commonly thought of as healthy but are really just killing you

low fat yogurt
rice cakes
fruit juice
vegetable juice
brown rice
whole wheat and every single grain

Lets start with Dairy. The milk industry spends billions of dollars a year in their advertisements and lobbying of this acid producing substance.

Milk is usually drank for its protein and calcium. Most manufactures take the fat out of milk, and pasteurize it killing anything good that could come from drinking milk raw.

If pasteurized milk were feed to a calf, it would die.

What is calcium and why do we need it.

Dairy is not needed for calcium. In fact it robs our body of calcium

The more acidic our body the less calcium we are able to absorb and hold in. The more alkaline we are the less calcium we need because our body will harbor calcium, this is a natural response.

Alkaline/Acid balance has a lot to do with how well we keep in nutrients

Green leafy vegetables are excellent sources of calcium

United states by far consumes the most milk in the world. We have the highest rate of osteoporosis.

Lactose intolerant peeps

milk |milk|
an opaque white fluid rich in fat and protein, secreted by female mammals for the nourishment of their young.

-if you are reading this then you are too old to be fed milk from your mothers breasts. Also if you are on this website you are probably sane enough to not suckle from the teat of another species. But that is in fact what you are doing when you drink milk bought in stores.


In almost every health food store you will find juices. Most even have their own juicer and also sell them.

Antioxidants are actually produced by our own bodies. So any unnatural additives, via supplements or FRUIT YEAR ROUND EASILY AVAILABLE TO EVERY PERSON THAN CAN SCROUNGE UP 99 cents a lbs. will and does send a signal to our body to quit producing its own natural antioxidants.

Juices have fiber removed and are unnatural

Scan antioxidant in wikipedia,… it does not have good things to say about supplementing them.

Pomegranate juice is everywhere and claims to be heart healthy

juicing fruits makes for a super concentrated liquid packed with nutrients and sugar. The nutrients in the juices are what the people selling juices want you to focus on. And yes drinking orange juice will give you a hefty supply of vitamin C. The sugar (usually fructose) in the juice will make it into your blood stream faster than eating spoonfuls of table sugar.

WHat does Heart healthy mean?

healthy |ˈhelθē|
adjective ( healthier , healthiest )
in good health: : feeling fit and healthy.
• ( of a part of the body) not diseased : healthy cells.
• indicative of, conducive to, or promoting good health : a healthy appetite | a healthy balanced diet.
• (of a person’s attitude) sensible and well balanced : a healthy contempt for authority.
• figurative in a good condition : the family is the basis of any healthy society.
• desirable; beneficial : healthy competition.
• of a satisfactory size or amount : making a healthy profit.

food is an industry

money is the reason behind most food marketing, not health

high fructose corn syrup is cheap, and inedible.

corn is processed in america

we are exporting disease to the rest of the world

Scare tactics are used to promote the sales of food that is high profit and poison


….. OK, so hope you liked that half an article. Yes I know it is unfinished, and yes I know I have incomplete thoughts, and yes I know I say things without proving them…. I like it better that way.

I realize that most of my diet advice has a lot of “don’ts”. I wish it were different, and I really like to focus on the positive of things. So here is a quick list of do’s:

Do eat animals
do eat fatty animals
do eat fatty animals every meal
do not listen to people that say not to eat fatty animals,…. especially if they are a fatty animal themself!


On to real news:

Here is a study. It cracks me up that people really need to study this stuff. It reminds me of my 9th grade social studies teacher that wouldn’t turn the lights off when we would watch movies. His reasoning: “Studies confirm that it is easier to fall asleep when the lights are off compared to when the lights are on”. Really Mr. Schmidt??? Really! You need a study for that…. How about: “It is proven that you aren’t taking this job seriously anyways because you just want to teach so you can coach the football team”,… and that is why we get to watch movies all the time.

So here is one Artificially Sweetened Soft Drinks Linked to Preterm Delivery . There is really no reason to read past the title. Message is clear:

Do Not Eat Science!

WOD hungy??:

Here ya go 9-2-10


Thruster off of back


Badass: squat clean thruster century

100 dumbell squat clean thrusters
-5 burpees every minute on the minute.

Soon to be Badass: squat clean century

100 dumbell squat clean
-4 burpees every minute on the minute.

-Workout is for time and stops when the 100 is finished. This is a good WOD to do when you all go out of town this weekend for Labor day. It can be done with any size dumbbell, its going to hurt no matter what. You can also use a rock, sandbag, gallon of milk,… it can be done with anything.

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA….. Where taking a breath of fresh air only happens indoors next to the air filter.


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    I drink from the teat. Whats wrong with that?


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