CrossFit is Sacrifice, It is not Easy
CrossFit is Awesome, It is not Normal
CrossFit is Ripped hands, It is not Black Fingerless Gloves
CrossFit is Dirty, It is not Clean
CrossFit is Uncomfortable, It is not a Spa
CrossFit is Anything goes, It is not Check the policy
CrossFit is Trust, It is not Fake
CrossFit is Hard Work, It is not 5 min three times a week
CrossFit is Bloody, It is not silky smooth
CrossFit is Bad ass, It is not a gym for everyone
CrossFit is Use what you have, It is not Lets even out the playing field
CrossFit is Brutal, It is not Peachy
CrossFit is Tractor Tires, It is not Cable-cross
CrossFit is Real Therapy, It is not Ultrasound
CrossFit is Unstoppable, It is not Weakness
CrossFit is Pushing past limits, It is not Comfortable
CrossFit is Forcing you to be uncomfortable, It is not Lets stick to what you know
CrossFit is Jumping, It is not Calf raise machines
CrossFit is Motivation, It is not Giving up because you are tired
CrossFit is Open Minded, It is not an Automatic “I can’t”
CrossFit is Proving yourself, It is not Easy as 1-2-3
CrossFit is Fueling Your Body, It is not Oatmeal for breakfast, a protein bar at lunch, and tofu for dinner
CrossFit is Variability, It is not Running on the treadmill at least 20 min at 75% heart rate 3-5x a week
CrossFit is Lifting heavy for functional fitness, It is not Bicep curls
CrossFit is Always learning, It is not Something that can be perfected
CrossFit is Commitment, It is not “See results in just 4 days”
CrossFit is Tough, It is not for the Faint hearted
CrossFit is Family, It is not The person you wave at the gym
CrossFit is Lifelong, It is not P90X
CrossFit is Real Life, It is not Watching “fitness” videos
CrossFit is Deep desire, It is not a Summer fling.
CrossFit is Overhead squats, It is not Ab machines
CrossFit is Fitness, It is not Toning
CrossFit is Creative, It is not Staying inside the lines
CrossFit is Flipping, Lifting, Throwing, Jumping, Climbing, Sprinting, Pacing, Crawling, Pushing, It is not a Walk in the park
CrossFit is Do it Yourself Anywhere, It is not Limited to a 24 hr fitness gym membership
CrossFit is First Hand Experience, It is not Watching from the sidelines
CrossFit is Learning from Failure, It is not a One shot deal
CrossFit is Pain, Pleasure, Tears, Laughter, It is not Emotionless
CrossFit is Invasive, It is not Going to allow you to keep being a slop
CrossFit is Always Looking UP, It is not Let’s see what happens
CrossFit is Trying harder, It is not Argue to get your way
CrossFit is Go get it, It is not something for nothing
CrossFit is Striving to be THE BEST, better than yesterday, the day before that, and the person you are competing against.


The Website is Here

We have to get a Crew and go kill it. Email if you want to come. Registration ends on Wed!


Pre WOD:

Rollout your Lats
Rollout front of quads and front side of quads


Weighted Pullup:


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
185 pound Back squat, 7 reps
45 pound dumbbell Overhead walking lunge, 10 steps (right hand)
7 Burpees
45 pound dumbbell Overhead walking lunge, 10 steps (left hand)

Cool Down:

Reclining Pigeon
Quad Stretches

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles,…. where “quit staring at me” is always an acceptable way to greet that stranger on the street.

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