Check it here: Schedule and Rates

Some key points:
-Previous class schedule still exists, we are just adding more classes
-Thursday night at 8pm is a Stretching Class, and all CrossFitting must be halted during this time. This will not be a workout, it is purely stretching. It is perfect for days off, or after workouts. There is no additional cost for this.
-Sunday Massacre workouts are beastly, please click on the link on the schedule page to read about them.

Random Street Quotes heard in the last 2 days:

“Is this a GYM?”
“What is this place?”
“This is the shit, What is it?”
“Wait!, What is this place?”

-Should we have a sign or shouldn’t we??


WOD #1

10 X 90% 1RM Shoulder Press
-For time

WOD #2

3 Rounds:

5 Muscle Ups
10 95lbs Sumo Deadlift high Pulls
Run 200m

-If you cannot do Muscle Ups, the scale is Triple Pullups plus Triple Dips

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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