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Tues WOD

It Reads it:

How often should I train

Westside Barbell Articles

Squatting to Poo


Power Clean:



Tie a five-pound plate to hang an honest 18″ above your tiptoe reach and complete 5 rounds for time of:

50 Jump and touch
40 Squats
30 Sit-ups
10 Pull-ups

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA …… where parking tickets cost just as much as speeding tickets

Contrary to Popular Believe,…. We at CrossFit Mean Streets believe that you will not get pregnant from Tea

Whole foods is getting out of hand. They are making everything seem healthy. From the millions of snack choices made from agave, to the food bars and the canned coconut water…Even at whole foods one must be careful what one buys.

Here is another with flour tortillas,… that apparently flush fat?…Flush fat where?

-Justin does a fine job of modeling redunculous food doesn’t he?

And one more. This “box of tea” was bought for me by someone. Obviously they know I am insane about my diet, and I know it was a good gesture. I kind of feel bad putting this out there,… but it was sitting by my desk when I was writting this. It was supposed to be healthy…. And the front says “Unsweetened”:

But the Ingredients say something different.

What is Maltodextrin?

Who knows?

You can read about it here

It is obviously man made (processed) and a sweetener.

So thats all we need to know: Fail

You cannot just:
-give your tea a Japanese name,
-Write some Japanese characters
-put some lies on the front of box
and say it is healthy for you.

You should be careful people.

Know how your meat is being fed.

And only buy whole foods.

If science is involved, it is usually bad.

WOD 8-30-10:

For time:
Run 1500 meters
63 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood
36 Pull-ups
Run 1000 meters
42 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood
24 Pull-ups
Run 500 meters
21 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood
12 Pull-ups

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA…..Where “rush-hour” is all time outside of 2am-5am

Sunday Mass. Snatches Galore, Starting at 10am at CrossFit Mean Streets, Downtown Los Angeles


Warm Up:

Snatch Skills Barbell Complex

6 rounds (45-95)

4 reps of each:

-Power Snatch
-Snatch Push Press
-Overhead Squat
-Snatch Balance
-Squat Snatch


K Star’s Mobility WOD from Sat:


1 RM Snatch (land below parallel)

Strength WOD

-not For Time

-16 Snatches at 70% 1RM
-32 Blind folded Overhead Squats with 75lbs (use your tshirt,… girls, -you too)
-16 Snatches at 70% 1RM

High Intensity

Southwest Regionals 2010 Floater WOD:

For Time
20 185lbs Push Press/Jerk
40 Burpees, Jump laterally over your bar each burpee. Standard is clap above head, arms do not have to get behind ears.

Cool Down:

-Do not skip out on this,… the point of this is to work out all of the over extension of the spine done in the workout:

50 knees to elbows
-every time you drop down from bar get into child’s pose.

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA….. Even the Pigeons are Mean

Sat Morning Quickie


3 rounds:

Greatest Stretch X 1 each side
Row 35ish strong pulls
50 double unders
15 Pass throughs
15 PVC Overhead Squats
15 Ring Dips
15 Unfamiliar Pullups
15 Kettlebell Side Raises


21-18-15-12-9-6 and 3 rep rounds of:
Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75 pounds
Push jerk, 75 pounds

Post WOD:

10 minutes of stretching, SMR, or mobility exercises

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA……. Smog Central

Fran Tri-Tip with smooth jazz music

10 photos capturing moments of spontaneous badassery!”


Fran Tri-Tip
-Turn on Smooth Jazz
-Start the Clock

Do Fran at the start, 10 minute mark, and 20 minute mark

Score is Total Time working.

-Fran should be scaled to finish within 10 minutes.

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles ……where white people and asians take pictures of buildings as if they have never seen one before.

Check out Kelly Starret’s Mobility WOD Blog

Website is here

Mobility is almost everything,… if you can’t move you cannot do anything. Everyone make sure they come to the stretching class tonight (thursday) at 8pm.


For time:
50 Box jumps 24 (inch box),
50 Jumping pull-ups,
50 Kettlebell swings (1 pood),
Walking Lunge 50 steps,
50 Knees to elbows,
50 Push press (45 pounds),
50 Back extensions,
50 Wall ball shots (20 pound ball),
50 Burpees,
50 Double unders.

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA…… where the buses advertise T.V. shows,…. because that is obviously the most important thing

….Because if this cat did CrossFit,… it would of owned this Lady

-You never know what life is going to bring you. It is important to go 100% everytime you are at the gym. Cause you never know when some old fat hag is going to pick you up and try and expire you.


Back Squat


WOD 8-25-10

30 Muscle Ups for Time

-If you cannot do muscle ups:
-120 Pullups
-120 Ring Dips Videos

The following demo videos are from and are hosted there. To see more exercise videos visit their video page.

  • 30 Muscle-ups for Time (Pat Sherwood), Jan 3 08
  • Muscle-up/False Grip Demo

CrossFit Journal Articles

The following are related articles from the
CrossFit Journal.
You may need a
to the CrossFit Journal to read the entire article. We highly recommend subscribing.

“Find something that had a face and a soul, kill it, and bring its essence into your being”. -Robb Wolf

Robb Wolf Interview here. And his book should be preordered by everyone reading this here

Spirit of the Games Part 1: Chris Spealler

WOD 8-24-10:

Start 10 minute clock
-Run one Mile (3 laps down alley)
-Complete as many air squats as possible before the 10 minutes is up.

Score is amount of air squats

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA….. Filming, Filming and more Filming

This Weeks intro classes are Wed at 9pm and Friday at 7pm

Everyone Check out the Tough Mudder, we are definitely carpooling up the weekend of 9th and 10th in October.
It will hopefully be a lot tougher then the LA mud run we did this weekend.

Tough Mudder


Warm Up

3 rounds
25 wallballs
3 rope climbs






Burpee Box Jumps (24″/20″)
Kettlebell swings (2pood/1pood)

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA,…. where being a badass is a necessity of survival

Sunday Mass, Leave your Ego at the Door or it will be stripped from you

Sunday Massacre:

Warm up:

Barbell Turkish Getups

10 each arm

First five are warm up sets, last three are max efforts, do not move up in weight unless you hit it on both arms

Max Effort:

Thruster X 3


Not for time

5 rounds
– thrusters at 90% your 3rm X 2
-15 unbroken butterfly pullups
-5 rowing sprint starts


10,000lbs (6000lbs women) ground to overhead anyway
5 pullups on the minute every minute untill finished

Cool Down:

Lsit holds: 8 sets of 30sec,…. rest as needed

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA,…. Where rats go tanning to a crisp on the streets