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What does this guy EAT?

-Ronnie Teasdale

I usually do not talk about myself that much on this site. And I am on the extreme end of all diets that I choose to roll with. Currently I am eating for performance. I don’t care about my looks, only that hot dirty Performance. Everything I swallow has been chosen to accelerate and fuel my performance.

At the date of this writing I have competed in 4 events since I started CrossFitting a year ago:

Placed 2nd at Orange Coast Throwdown (out of roughly 60 guys in advanced division)
Placed 10th at Socal Sectionals (out of around 180 guys)
Placed 1st at NLP Invitational (out of 50ish guys)
Placed around 20th place (not sure) at Regionals (Roughly 600 guys in the Region)

I am no where near the fittest guy in the world, but my performance is good. I take no supplements and I accredit my health, and performance to my diet. I was a little weakling before I started working out. I weighed 140 lbs, so the “great genetics” do not play a role in my life. I have had to fight for everything I am capable of.

I have mentioned my diet to a select few people. I usually start my new clients off with simple rules like, “cut out all sugar and gluten and add fat, as step one,… when you want to move on from there come talk to me”. I believe there are stages everyone has to go through. I have tried vegetarianism, veganism, food combining, high carbs, low carbs etc… and my diet evolution is currently High Fat low Carbs.

I usually keep my diet a secret because it scares most people, and I often come across like I am talking superiorly about my diet (truth is though, I study this stuff every day), so I usually “scale” the diet advice….but we have a group of us competing at the 2nd NLP Invitational in 2 weeks, and I decided to free write about my diet to give those athletes a glimpse of what has taken me years to figure out. I believe this is good for everyone, for health, longevity and performance.

…So here it is my Second WOD of the day -Free Write about my Diet in 15 min:

No gluten (it destroyes your insides)
no bread of any sort
very weary of anything processed and try not to eat anything that has been processed

i eat a pound or two of bacon every day, and this is because we all operate much better on fat. This is not a guess. This is history. We have been living for millions of years on fatty animals (wooly mammoths). In the winter time there were no fruits or veggies at all.

We are definitely meat eaters, I try and get most of my animal sources from Bison, and Lamb. Grass Fed is key.

I never cut off any of the fat of the meat, in fact I always ask the butcher to “give me the fattiest cut”

Meat Sources:

Buffalo Ribeye
Lamb chops
ground buffalo
bacon (try to find the kind without sugar)

I havent been eating fish recently because my body just doesnt feel good when I eat it

I do not eat chicken or turkey

I try not to eat peppers, if it makes your nose stuffy and run, that is an immune response, Aka: your body doesn’t like it.

I do not eat white potatoes(I eat sweet potato or yam after workouts)

I don’t eat night shades: squash, tomatoes, egg plant etc.

I do better without eating tomatoes.

I listen to Robb Wolf religiously and experiment with every thing he says about diet.

I drink Ionized water from my Kangen Water machine. (and not sure how I feel about it)
I sometimes split it with Mountain Valley Spring Water bottles, because it is living water.

I only shop at whole foods, and pretty much know where every one is around where I live and travel to. The one in Venice beach is awesome, they will cook your food for free.

I always try to keep fruit to a minimum, but it is usually the one thing I cannot control myself with

I am open to listen to, converse about, experiment with, and evolve to varying and different diet knowledge.

I always feel better after eating a coconut

I have a rule about eating within 60 min after a workout. Usually within 10 minutes. My pre workout meal I have no consistency. I can eat a full meal within 30 min before a workout and be fine. I am most comfortable working out on am empty stomach though. But part of my training is training in uncomfortable situations, so I purposely vary pre workout meals for this.

After a workout, if I am planning on working out within 24hours I have a sweet potato with some meat and low fat to replace my energy stores in my muscle and liver.

I havent been eating any vegetable based sources of fat.

I am constantly studying about diet, it is a daily evolution for me. The latest website I found (but have yet to read) is High Fat Nutrition . I havent read a word from it again, but I will, just interested in it because it was referred by Robb Wolf.

I would always choose making my food rather than going to a restaurant, but I can go to restaurants and do just fine.

I am not eating as much veggies as I used to. Maybe one serving every other day. I have no problem with this because like i said earlier, if this were 200,000 years ago I would’ve gone months without vegetables in the winter time.

My breakfast is usually

-pound of buffalo ribeye
-pound of bacon

I dont really eat eggs, i dont like them, but if i go out to eat in the morning i usually have them. Also I sometimes do cottage cheese at the LA athletic club,…but dont like to. I am generally against all Dairy.
(15 min mark, but i am going to keep going)

If I eat an all meat diet before a workout, I perform very well.

Since I started eating tons of animal fat it feels like I have 50% more horse power during my Workouts

I was once afraid of fat because of the media and such. It took me years to see the light, and this is me studying every day. I find it unfortunate that most people will never understand this concept, and will continue living their lives low fat until they get cancer and have to spend all their money on pharmaceuticals.

If I eat anything with sugar in it my teeth will hurt. It is beginning to happen when I eat really sweet fruits.

When I eat a fruit I turn into a fruit craving machine. So most days I just try to not eat it.

I find when I eat fruit my body fat increases, when I don’t eat fruit and eat fatty meats my body fat decreases. I can notice the substantial difference in this on a daily basis.

It has been 10 years since I had soda

I think fruit and veggie juices are not good for people. The giant insulin spike resulting from an unnatural sugar spike is bad, very bad (juicing takes away the fiber of the fruit which: A has all the nutrients, and B slows the absorption of sugar into the blood stream).

Salt is not something I add to my food, but I am not opposed to it (it is usually in bacon)
Sugar on the other hand is something I will avoid at all costs, in all forms: Agave, Sugar Cane, Stevia, Honey, Corn Syrup etc…

I believe Agave is terrible and so is Soy,… Too often people fall for the tricks of these “new age” foods that are made with agave and soy. If it tastes like ice cream, but has a ton of agave in it instead of “sugar”,… it is still causing havoc in your body.


I do not crave sugars, I crave fat.

I do not take any supplements of any kind. Most of them are fake. The vitamin C in your “vitamin C” pill is not actually vitamin C. If I remember correctly they make the substance that is supposed to act like vitamin C out of a waste product that comes from making film.

The five meal a day thing is not necessarily true. It was developed to control your rise in insulin. Well, if you aren’t eating insulin promoting foods then you do not have to worry about this. Back to evolution and the Caveman. If we killed a elephant we would all eat as much as we could of it. Filling our stomaches up. This would usually happen once a day or every few days, whenever someone would catch something wild. Therefore super feeding is natural.

I usually eat 2-3 times a day. And they are huge meals, usually within a 4-5 hour window. My first meal is usually around 10am. NO, BREAKFAST IS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL.

I doubt any humanoids in our distant past or even any animals wake up and catch food 15 minutes after they rise.

My “first meal of the day” has as much priority and has the same type of foods than any other meal.

Woman and men are more alike than different. I am pretty sure we evolved eating the same foods.

I do not eat rice, Rice is an anti nutrient, it actually steals nutrients from your body. The “I am asian” argument doesn’t work. I am asian and I used to weigh 140 lbs when my mother fed me rice my entire life. Now I weigh 180, with no steroid use at all. Asians look like asians for a reason.
These asian kids that are taller than their parents is because they opted to not eat as much rice. Eating rice leaves you malnurished

I used to love sushi rolls 🙁

I try my hardest not to eat nuts.

I do not eat legumes (beans, peanuts, chickpeas (that means hummus))

Spinach goes well cooked with ground buffalo, and an avocado with it adds taste.

I eat my food pretty plain, and it tastes freaking awesome to me.

Organic all the way

I am happy when I eat, it is very pleasurable, may actually be one of my most favorite things to do.

When I eat I eat about 2-4 times as much as the other humans who are eating around me.

I am sensitive to what I eat, and I pay attention to how food makes me feel.

I rarely drink alcohol (pretty much don’t ever drink).

Ok WOD Time was 42 minutes. I am not going to proof read,… sorry for the grammar errors, and there are probably some hypocritical messages in there, but hey I am human…. I am willing to talk about any of this to any one.

Now on to the fun stuff:


Warm Up:

5 min AMRAP of:

-5 pullups
-10 pushups
-15 squats

followed immediately by 5 min max effort Row


Find 1 Rep Max of Snatch
-full snatch, squat below parallel


5 rounds not for time
-3 x Snatch Complex @ 80%1RM (Hang Power Snatch, OHS, Power Snatch, Full Snatch)
-10 x Burpee/Pullup/Knees to Elbows
-Greatest Stretch in the World


-50 Overhead Squats (75lbs)
-Row/Ski/Run 400m
-75 Burpees
-Row/Ski/Run 400m
-100 Kettlebell swings
-Row/Ski/Run 400m

Row/Ski/Run means Row, Ski, OR Run

Post WOD

-Rise from your death and Stretch

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA


    • December 9, 2010

    I think all that animal fat you are eating is making your head bigger. FYI… The truest character of ignorance is arrogance.

    • December 22, 2010

    Ronnie – great read. im from a small town in CT and hit up
    Crossfit Milford. I like reading about fellow crossfitters, and now
    I’m happy CF Mean Streets will be a usual read. Thanks man. Keep it

    • June 21, 2012

    Great post, especially the “asian” argument. Makes a lot of sense.

    • October 30, 2012



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