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Warm Up: 5 min

Jog Around Block
Do something you suck at but can do 15 times in between 5-6 bouts of jumping around like a monkey (flexibility drills, jumping jacks, greatest stretch, samson)


1 Rep Max Shoulder Press: 10 Min

Monkey Business: Untimed

5 rounds:

3 x Shoulder Press @ 85% 1RM,
6 x Burpee-pull-up-Knees to elbows
25M Med Ball-overhead walking lunges

Pull and Go

3 rounds as fast as possible:

4 X 135lbs Power Cleans
8 X Pushups
12 X Body Squats

There is a lot of volume in todays workout. If you get caught up in a conversation or just staring at other people the time will pass and you will not be able to complete everything. Spend only 5 minutes warming up then move right into the max press.

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA


    • July 22, 2010

    hahaha! im sure Cash had NOTHING to do with this pic.


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