Everyday CrossFitters are going to the point of uncomfortableness and smashing through it. Overcoming challenges, obstacles, circumstances, and predetermined limits on a daily basis. Comparing what we do in the gym to anything else that can come up in life is almost comical. You don’t like your boss? An average person would deal with it, pushing his/her emotions deep down and keep the 9-5 job they hate for their entire life. All the while buying lottery tickets, taking prescription drugs, and dreaming of an easy way to a “better” life. What would the CrossFitter do? Probably figure out how to do their boss’s job better than he/she, open their own business, and smash their old bosses company into the ground. Because CrossFitters know they are in control of their fate, they do not make excuses and they know how to get things done,….. so that is what happens, period.

Take control my people, …. and always look up

Sunday Grinder WOD:

Warm Up: 3 Rounds for quality: 400 M run, 20 wall ball (20#), 20 pushups

Strength: Work to 1RM Front Squat (FS)

Stamina: 4 Rounds, not timed: 3 x FS @ 90% 1RM, 20 x weighted walking lunges (2 x 35# DB, 10 lunges each side), Jingle Jangle

Work Capacity: Freak – For time:
21-15-9 Thrusters (95#), Pull-ups
Run 1 Mile
30 Power Clean & Jerks (135#)
Row 2,000 Meters

Durability: 10 minutes active stretch or yoga

CrossFit Mean Streets

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