Intro sessions:

Monday 6-28-10: 8:00pm
Tuesday 6-29-10: 7:30am

Intro sessions are free, and our way to show people what we do here. Our website and gym may look a little intimidating if you are on the outside looking in. But CrossFit is for everyone, especially those who are not in shape looking to get fit. If you are on the fence about trying CrossFit, please join us for an intro session, and see what it is about. You will not be sold CrossFit. We will not ask you to join, sign a contract, or even send a follow up email/call. These are just so we can define fitness for people and show how we have a passion to help. They are fun and good for you.

Intro sessions are scheduled based on people who want to do them (people call tell us what time works, and we schedule). We do two a week. So if these two don’t work out for you then let us know what your schedule is for next week and we will set up an intro session for you then.

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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