With the World Cup and the fact that a lot of us will be out of town, the BBQ will be postponed till a weekend after July 4th. Sorry, but we will do it another time.


Lift heavy Chickas! 10 Reasons heavy weight don’t bulk up the female athlete

Warm up:

Jog 400m
20 wallballs
run faster 400m
20 wallballs
Sprint 400m
20 wallballs

Make sure to get deep on the wallballs. The key here is to open up your hips for the WOD. Make sure to keep all of your backs strong.


7 Rounds

7 power snatches
7 snatch balances
7 overhead squats

Make sure your hips are open people, before starting. Greatest stretch, and some other hip mobility drills will be done before the WOD. We have been doing lots of squatting this month, make sure to take care of your legs. Self myo-fascial release, pnf/static stretching is in order for everyone.

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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