Paintball on Sunday!

There is about 50 CrossFitters going up to Castaic on Sunday to play some paintballl all day. Here are the details:

The cost will be $40 per person for all gear and 500 rounds of ammo. More can be purchased if necessary.
We will be meeting at the park to start at 11am, so try to be there by 10:45ish to fill out paperwork etc. For anyone looking to carpool, we will be leaving CrossFit Mean Streets around 10am

The location is Warped Paintball Park, check the website at for more info if you would like.

To find directions using Google Maps: 34372 Ridge Route Rd, Castaic 91384 or using Mapquest or Yahoo Maps: 33500 Ridge Route Rd, Castaic 91384

They recommend wearing long sleeve shirt and pants and there will be an area that we can hang out for lunch, but we have to bring our own food.

We can play as many games as we would like, but the park closes at 4pm at which time we will have a poolside bbq at one of two locations in the venice/ marina area to close out our day. Exact location TBD, but there will definitely be a pool and a bbq, so feel free to bring extra stuff to cook, or drink or whatever!
All questions can be directed to Ronnie at 213-245-1612

Sat WOD:

Power Clean

Sunday Grinder WOD

Warm Up: Bear Complex (4 sets, add 10# each set starting at 85#)

Strength: Work to 1RM Thruster

Work Capacity: AMRAP 20 minutes:

* 5 HSPU
* 10 Burpee
* 15 KB Swing (55#)

Stamina: 5 rounds, not timed: 3 x Thruster @ 90% 1RM, 15 x Pull-ups, Sampson stretch

Durability: run 3 miles at a moderate pace. Stretch.

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

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