We will be having weekend classes starting soon. The goal is to start having either a Saturday or Sunday class within two weeks, and then be open for the other day soon after that. Let us know when you would like the class and what time. Otherwise 9am on a Saturday sounds good.

>>>Next free Intro class is tonight (Monday) at 8pm. Come by!



21-15-9 reps

-Thrusters (95/65)

Fran sucks if you don’t warm up. This is a very quick workout. Very Potent and you need to open up your body so it doesn’t destroy you as much.

So Rollout:


Practice double unders for 5 minutes.

3 rounds:
Samson Stretch 20-30sec
Overhead PVC squats 15
GHD Situps 15
Back ext/ Reverse Hyper 15
Mountain climbers 20

How not to do Box Jumps:

Fitness Drill Faceplant – Watch more Funny Videos


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