Three rounds of:
-Samson stretch (20-30 seconds)
-Lunge 15 steps
-Back Extensions (10-15)
-Dips (do just a few)

-”Greatest stretch in the world” (three each side)

WOD: “Climb to Heaven” 3 rounds 3 min rest in between rounds.

Take elevator down to ground floor.

Time starts at the bottom of stairs


-Run up the stairs to the 11th floor
-40 squats
-30 situps
-20 pushups
-10 burpees
-Rest 3 minutes

I want each round an all out sprint. Complete every round like it is your last. Do not worry about the fact that you have to do more, you get a rest! Every round will be timed individually and as a total. 1st round will go up on the wall and recorded as your new and LAST 🙁 baseline score. Start each round at the ground level with foot on first step.

Good luck!

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

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