Warm Up:

-Double under practice. 5 min.

-7 wall walks down to a bridge, do with a partner spotting you.

-3 min of switching back and forth between:
-Hollow rock
-Holding superman

-Self Myofascial Release


7 Rounds For Time:
7 Unbroken Hang Squat Cleans
7 Unbroken Handstand Push ups
( Hang Squat Clean weight starts at 95llbs/55lbs, add 10lbs per round “95lbs 1st round, 105lbs 2nd round”)
Unbroken= once the bar has been picked up it cannot be set down until all 7 reps are done.


Training on your own from CrossFit Utility

How to Fight the IRS, from the Wall Street Journal.

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