Warm Up:

Jog up the stairs once

Hip Mobility Drills

3 rounds:
5 burpees
10 mountain climbers

50-100 Double Unders

Workup to the Deadlift weight you are going to use in the WOD

I went down to CrossFit South County on Sat and this is the workout I did with the boys:

WOD 4-5-2010

Part 1:

Run 800m
Deadlift 315lbs untill 6 min is up.

-Clock starts at the start of the 800m run. When you deadlift your hands must stay on the bar the entire time. You may only release for a half a second to regrip. If you release your grip you must do 10 burpees which count for nothing. Your objective is to get as many deadlifts as possible after the run. Time is over at 6min.

-Please scale as necessary. Use a weight that is 75% of your 1 rep max.

After part one there is a 3 min rest before starting part 2.

Part 2:


1000m Row
50 – 45lbs Thrusters (women may use 15lb dumbells or the 26lbs bar)
30 Pull Ups

For Time

Ronnie Teasdale
CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

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