Congrats to Stephanie and Erin who completed the LA Marathon with smiles and no injuries!:

Stephanie and Erin, LA Marathon 3-21-10

WOD 3-26-10:

Run 5K for time.

We will do this at the Cornfield. If you are planning on coming to the gym first then you must be here on time (6:30am, 6:00pm). We are leaving right when class starts and carpooling there and back. If you wish to meet us there you can, we should be there 5min after the start of class. Wear your running shoes!

-Remember there is no 7pm class on Friday.


Some stories you just have to read. Learn about Gordana from CrossFit Mississauga (Canada) and how she credits CrossFit with giving her the strength to fight cancer: Read.

“Surround yourself with fighters” — Lisa Barrone in “It’s Not the Recession, You Just Suck” on

And then there is Furious Pete,… check out the gym he trains in!:

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

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