Day 1 Highlights from the 2010 CrossFit Games SoCal Sectionals – video [wmv] [mov]

SoCal Sectional Day 2 Highlight Video… [wmv] [mov]

Skill work:
Double under Practice

Rowing stroke rate pacing:
Row 200m at each of these stroke rates:
-27 s/minute
-30 s/ minute
-35 s/minute
and note how each one feels

Overhead Squats:
Do a few warm up sets, Either use your bodyweight or scale to make very difficult:
1 set of 10 Overhead Squats

WOD 3-18-10

For Time:
100 Deadlifts 225/135 lbs
On the minute every minute do 5 burpees

Post total time and amount of burpees.

Ronnie at the Socal Sectionals. Placed 10th out of 175 very fit guys, he moves on to Regionals

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