Warm Up:

CrossFit Warm Up —> Up the progression on every exercise

3 rounds
max reps up to 15
-samson stretch (20-30 seconds)
– squat, OHS PVC, Passthrough squat, weighted OHS, Slosh tube OHS, Bongo, indo or BOSU OHS
-Hip Extension, Back Extensions, Hip and Back Extension, or Ext. wheelies,
-ABmat situp, GHD situps, knees to elbows, or Toes to Bar
-pushups, bar dips, ring dips, HSPU, or muscle ups
-pullups, L-sit pullups, or bar muscle ups

WOD 3-15-10

Death By 10 meters -Run

There will be 10 meters marked off.
– the 1st min. you will run 1 10 meter,
– the 2nd min. you will run 2 10 meters (from 1st mark to 2nd and touch down on ground with hand and back to start) and so forth until you cannot complete the appropriate 10 meters in the alloted time.

You must touch the ground with your hand every time you switch directions. The last 10 meters of the round you are not required to touch the ground.

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