Sash and Tahir slaying Grace on the Roof. We were interrupted by someone 7 floors down (5th floor), said he got woken up because we were shaking the whole building!,… but we still finished!

Sash and Tahir doing Rooftop Grace


2000m row
40 20″ Box Jumps
30 GHD Situps
20 Burpees
10 Muscle Ups (if you dont have a muscle up, 30 pullups and 30 dips)

Pre WOD:
Foam Rolling
Jog Stairs 1 time
Try to walk on hands across the red and blue mats without dropping feet
Hip mobility drills
Shoulder mobility drills
GHD Wheelies 2 X 15

Post WOD:
-Make sure to stretch out your chest and quads pretty good.
-If your lower abs are week, do the 3 sets of ab drills with 2 min rest between.
-Roll out your feet

Be cool:

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