Mobile beings have brains. Any living thing that does not move does not have a brain. Brains need movement to operate, movement is the whole reason they exist. Exercise stimulates and feeds the brain the chemicals it needs to be efficient and effective. We used to move all the time. Back in the Paleolithic age we had to hunt, gather, chase, outrun, mate, fight, protect etc… Now most americans sit in front of a computer all day waiting in anticipation to get in their car, go home, and watch LOST. We are losing our movement and at the same time losing our neural connections in our brain (aka: getting stupid). Stay active and stay moving, and gain mental clarity, balance, creativity, flexibility and rejuvenation.

And on to the Workout:


Warm up:

-jumping Jacks (hands touch above and behind back)
-pushups/Dips/HSPU -which ever you are capable of doing
-hollow rocks


3 rounds for time of:

50 Double Unders
50 Back Extensions

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