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Thoughts from Ronnie Teasdale

Many of you may have heard my thoughts on doctors. For the “most part” I believe they don’t really want to help you get healthier. They really would love for people to stay sick, that way they can keep prescribing medication (to further enhance problems) to keep the paychecks coming in from the pharmaceutical companies. The pharm companies fund the medical schools, and this is how they are taught.

Well I had a thought yesterday, while visiting a 24 hour fitness: I believe most gyms don’t want to make their clients healthy either. First of all it is in their best interest if you pay for the membership and never come. And for those who do come they are confronted with nothing but useless machines, under qualified trainers, and laughable aerobics classes. This will give the illusion that you are doing work and will quickly lead to a plateau. At which point the client either quits coming to the gym because nothing is returned on their hard work (which is the main goal- sign up members and hope they don’t come), or they BUY SUPPLEMENTS from the gym, because thats what all the posters say on the walls (“Take this to get fit!”…Yippee!). Which are basically free money for the gym. Supplements are super cheap to make and easy to sell to dissatisfied people thinking that it will help with their health. When really the supplements are totally useless, and probably more dysfunctional then optimizing. But hey its all a never ending cycle founded on the fact that either people pay for memberships they don’t use, or load themselves up with these useless powders and potions while the gym owner laughs at all the fools paying him for no results….

Check this out! Its Awesome:

At CrossFit Mean Streets it is our job to keep you fit. Your hard work will change your life. Let go of taking the easy route if you want to lead a full, healthy and functional life.

Ronnie Teasdale
CrossFit Mean Streets
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Clean the Stairs

The Wonder boy breaks another world Record:

3 rounds:
20-30 sec Samson Stretch
10-15 Overhead Squats
10-15 Back ext/ Good Mornings
10-15 knees to elbows/ toes to bar
10-15 pullups
10-15 ring dips/dips/handstand pushups

5 rounds for time of:
Stair Climb (down & up 10 flights)
7 Clean and Jerks 135 lbs

Compare time to 2-10-10

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

Baseline, Something Fierce!

Sash and Tahir slaying Grace on the Roof. We were interrupted by someone 7 floors down (5th floor), said he got woken up because we were shaking the whole building!,… but we still finished!

Sash and Tahir doing Rooftop Grace


2000m row
40 20″ Box Jumps
30 GHD Situps
20 Burpees
10 Muscle Ups (if you dont have a muscle up, 30 pullups and 30 dips)

Pre WOD:
Foam Rolling
Jog Stairs 1 time
Try to walk on hands across the red and blue mats without dropping feet
Hip mobility drills
Shoulder mobility drills
GHD Wheelies 2 X 15

Post WOD:
-Make sure to stretch out your chest and quads pretty good.
-If your lower abs are week, do the 3 sets of ab drills with 2 min rest between.
-Roll out your feet

Be cool:

Row or Run,…. All out Sprints

Pre WOD:

5 min time limit. Pick an activity you are least talented at and do as many reps as possible:

Handstand Pushups
Overhead Squats with moderate weight
Ring Dips
Muscle ups
Knees to Elbows
Double Unders


Pick another sport: Rowing or Running:
Run: 10x 30sec Hill Sprints, All out Efforts. Treadmill use 7-10% grade, 2min recover between sprints

C2: 10x30sec Sprints all out Efforts. Damper setting is choice,”Come into each sprint at speed to maximize the 30 sec sprint” 2 min recovery between sprints.

Ronnie giving his father the present of Intensity


Jeff Taylor
In honor of Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor, 30, of Little Creek, VA, who was killed in Afghanistan June 2005

Warm Up:

3 rounds
PVC pass throughs/samson stretch
Overhead squats/Pass through squats/weighted Overhead Squats X 10-15
Back Extensions/ GHD wheelies X 10-15
GHD Situps X 10-15

Partner jumping drills



Handstand Pushups
Ring Dips

For Time.

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA

Don’s Goal:

Don’s Goal:

“To have every man, women, dog, cat, fish, goats, and every living creature on this earh LUSTING AFTER MY BODY!

Goals keep you motivated,… what is yours?

Warm up:

10 per arm Turkish Getups
10 per side Side raises X 3

Stair Climb (Down and up 10 flights)
(53/35) Kettlebell swing X 25


Warm UP

Jump Rope Barefoot 10 min., mixing in variables of DU’s, Cross Overs, single foot, running.

5 – 7 wall walks (start standing up with your back to the wall about 3 feet away. Lean back until your hands come in contact with the wall. Walk your way down as deep as you can. Reaching the floor is your ultimate goal. Walk back up the wall with out falling. That is 1 wall walk). Rest as needed between. OR 5 Bridges for 30 second holds, rest 30sec to 1 min between.

3 min of Superman and Hollow Rock

4 rounds for time

Run 400m
50 squats

CrossFit Mean Streets
Downtown LA