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“It is my hope that when people wake up in the morning, as they are looking at their naked bodies in the mirror they can feel the energy of the greatness they achieved the day before. And they can see in their eyes the confident future of what is to come that day. This moment, even if just a second is the goal I have for everyone inside the walls of my gyms.”
-owner of Los Angeles Health and Fitness 




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Price Listed

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Ronnie Teasdale

Ronnie graduated from Oakland University in Rochester Michigan with a degrees in Exercise Science and Psychology.

His certifications include:

USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach
Performance Enhancement Specialist certified
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2 Instructor (1 of only 326 worldwide)
Running Coach/ CrossFit Endurance Certified
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certified
CrossFit Gymnastics Certified
Kickboxing Instructor certified
Mobility and Movement enhancement certified
NASM Personal Trainer
Self Myofascial Release certified Coach
CrossFit Defense

Ronnie is a well experienced trainer of both private and groups. He has a passion for fitness and health and is constantly absorbing more information that will benefit his clients.

He is a competitor. A hockey player for over 20 years since the age of 3 he learned the value of winning at all costs. Having a father that owned a bunch of old “fix up” houses he forcefully learned the value of hard work. Ronnie knows that anything is possible. He does not accept and is highly intolerant of anything that goes against that viewpoint.

Before adapting CrossFit and other group classes into his gym (established in 2006) Ronnie had his own private training gym in Los Angeles focusing on high intensity training. He now focuses his efforts coaching top level CrossFit athletes. His specialities are in Diet, Biomechanics training, WOD strategy, and performing maximally at redline levels.

He travels the world giving seminars to groups of people:
-“The Teasdale Approach” nutrition seminar
-“Flowing Micro to Universal” coaches workshop (teaching coaches the skill of coaching)

For more information about seminars or private coaching email:

Nate Pointous

Nate is a high school all state track runner, and a Marine.

While serving in the Marine Corps any, and all of his free time was spent surrounded by weights. It was during this time that he focused his heart and body to the study of physicality. He first began with the typical body building movements, and then had an eye awakening experience with his first CrossFit workout. CrossFit allowed his programming to transform into something even more versatile and beneficial than the standard body building technique. It helped to improve his overall health and fitness, as well as his survival skills.

After compiling the best of the best of training techniques Nate is a Personal trainer and owner of Train Primal Fitness. He has studied mixed martial arts, gymnastics and hand to hand combat — what he wants for everyone he coaches is to receive the most efficient and effective movements from each of these disciplines.

Rich Munton

Rich Munton is a committed, and competitive athlete and coach that is not only a passionate CrossFit-L1 trainer, but is dedicated to seeing his clients achieve their goals and exceed their expectations. His extensive experience of over 4+ years as an undefeated competitive fighter, and 10+ years of martial arts training (Shan Shou, MMA, Zen do Kai, Krav Magra) give him the foundation of knowledge of the human body and how to push one’s limits to achieve their full potential in fitness. Rich also has a history of stunt training and toured with Toronto based company The Arts Engine as stunt coordinator for 6 months, performing shows nationally. He currently trains as a competitive Crossfit athlete in Downtown LA. Rich is dedicated to believing in his clients, pushing them to be all that they can be, and to help them challenge themselves to reach their fitness goals.
CrossFit Level 1 Certified

Lizzy P.

Lizzy is most passionate about helping her clients move, perform, and ultimately feel better through strength training, conditioning, and yoga. By sharing her Yoga practice she hopes to improve athlete’s physical and mental awareness, alignment and posture, as well as breath. She has been part of the strength and conditioning world for years, competing in sports such as triathlon, olympic weightlifting, and powerlifting. She now competes at a national level in powerlifting and currently ranked top five in her weight class.

Registered Yoga Teacher (200hour)
CrossFit Level 1

David Zastrow


Stacey Hallarces

Stacey achieved her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from USC in May of 2012 and received her B.S. in Kinesiology from San Jose State University in 2009. She is also certified as a:

-CrossFit Level 1 Instructor
-NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
-NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
-NASM Certified Personal Trainer
-NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Her love for fitness began at a young age, participating in soccer, softball, judo, and running; and continues to manifest in her passion to promote health and wellness as her career.

Alexandra Causey

Alexandra, is a Judo Instructor, 2nd degree black belt, a blue belt in Jiu-jitsu, 3 time Naval Academy Brigade Boxing Champion, a Marine Corps Martial Arts Program Instructor, and is the inspiration behind all the Jason Bourne movies.

Gnarly Charly

Charly has been doing gymnastics his whole life. He has been teaching gymnastics for the last 11 years. He also has been teaching Parkour for 7. This is his only source of employment. He is deep into the field of movement and can take any skill leveled person into his practice with ease and help them progress forward.



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CrossFit Mean Streets is located at 3rd and Main in Downtown LA:

265 S Main Street
Los Angeles CA 90012